Custom Solutions and Design

More Than a Handyman

We are problem solvers that thrive on helping folks complete repairs and light renovations around their homes or offices. However, more than fixing or replacing what’s broken, we are perfectionists and can’t resist the temptation of considering how it could be made or done better. Therefore, we are also an experienced designer and maker because the perfect solution rarely comes in a single box, if it comes in a box at all. Either way, from basic repairs and improvements, to creating something entirely new, we are committed to delivering services and solutions that exemplify our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”



Cabinetry & Woodwork

Almost anything is possible

Capentry and cabinetry are not only our core competencies but part of our heritage; its in our DNA. Wood is our go-to material for almost any project due to its low cost, versatility, and natural beauty. Everything from lumber framing, trim, and simple storage to built-in furniture and unique one-of-a kind solutions, we’ve got you covered.

3D / 2D Design Services

CAD, CAM, Vector Graphics

It all starts with an idea, some paper, and a pencil but we can help you take it further. Using 3D CAM/CAD for structural design (e.g. buildings, furniture, prototypes) and 2D graphic design (e.g. web, print, signage, CNC) we can help you get your doodles off those paper napkins and into a useful format.

Welding & Metalwork

MIG (GMAW) and Brazing

Sometimes, wood just doesn’t suit the task. Therefore, we do basic cutting and welding on stainless and mild steel or brazing on brass, copper, and aluminum. We do in-house cutting and forming by hand, but working with partners, we can also manage some machine forming and CNC cutting and shaping.

Oddball Stuff

Got something out of the ordinary?

We love a challenge and figuring out how to accomplish the extraordinary. Whether inspired by something you saw somewhere or you have your own idea and need help making it happen, we have the creativity and imagination to figure out a solution tailored to your needs.


Located near Columbia, Maryland, our service area covers the counties of Howard, Montgomery, and Anne Arundel.

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