Custom Drop Hitch

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Project Name :

Custom Drop Hitch

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Skill :

Welding, CNC, Plasma Cutting, 3D Modeling

Description :

Made for an aftermarket hitch kit installed on a Polaris Slingshot, this drop hitch includes a custom license plate holder.  The holder is shaped to mimic the original factory license plate holder, including a small pedestal for relocation of the factory license plate light.  The plate holder was designed as a 3D model which was then unfolded into a 2D pattern and saved as a vector file.  The 2D file was then used to generate tool paths for a CNC machine that cut the pattern from flat steel, as a single piece.  The flat pattern was then easily folded into the final shape.  The seams were welded for a smooth, finished appearance, and the assembly was welded to a length of tube for mounting inside the hitch receiver and drop hitch. A small collar, the same size as the drop hitch tube, is used as a spacer to keep the license plate holder snug when mounted without the drop hitch.  The wiring for the factory license plate light is easily plugged/unplugged when swapping the drop hitch in or out.  To keep the complete assembly tidy, a wiring harness is permanently installed inside the drop hitch with common trailer wiring connectors on each end.  The harness bridges the connection from the vehicle (routed inside the hitch receiver) to the trailer wiring, keeping everything hidden and out of the way.