Custom Raised Garden

Project Details
Project Name :

Custom Raised Garden

Skill :

3D Modeling, Landscaping, Carpentry, Woodwork

Description :

For this project, the client wanted a garden that was easy to access, with less stooping and bending, while also protecting their edible plants from deer and other wildlife.  After considering different options, the client opted for this 10 ft. x 13 ft. design with 3 ft. wide beds providing approximately 90 sq.ft. of planting space.  We added recycled-plastic deer fencing to a height of 6 ft. for above-ground protection and galvanized hardware cloth inside the planting area to deter burrowing intruders.  We also created a custom threshold to act as a gate stop and to prevent small intruders from burrowing under the gates.  Since the garden is a single structure versus individual boxes, we graded and compacted the whole site to create a flat, stable base to build upon.  While the outer posts are not set into the ground, they are sturdy and robust enough to support the fence and gates once everything is fully assembled.  At the client’s request, all of the wood is pressure-treated lumber rated for ground contact and left bare, without stain or sealer.  However, we did apply a non-toxic water-based sealer to all cut ends to reduce premature splitting and cracking.  Once fully assembled, we also applied a high-quality, non-toxic joint/gap sealer at all connecting points to prevent water intrusion between adjoining surfaces that can weaken fastener connections.

NOTE: Due to the ongoing debate regarding the use of pressure-treated lumber when growing edible plants, we do not recommend its use for this purpose.  In cases where we end up using pressure-treated lumber for food crops, we do recommend a non-toxic sealer or a non-permeable barrier between the soil and wood.  However, since the potential for dangerous food contamination levels from modern pressure-treatment chemicals is relatively low, we honored our client’s choice of materials and finish.